Jun 16 - Kemostål signs LOA with Cosco Shipyard

Kemostål signs Letter of Award with COSCO (NANTONG) SHIPYARD CO., LTD., China.

In an international competition Kemostål has been awarded a Letter of Award and is proud to announce the signing with COSCO (NANTONG) SHIPYARD CO., LTD., China for the Design, Purchasing and Construction, together with Installation and Commissioning assistance of two complete Vapor Recovery Units for the Western Isles Development Project (WIDP) FPSO.

The Western Isles Project (Dana Petroleum 77% and Cieco 23%) will develop two discovered oil fields in the UK North Sea. Dana has selected Sevan Marine’s circular FPSO concept for use on the field. COSCO Shipyard has been selected to build the new FPSO and also to supply and integrate the process topside modules for the FPSO. Conceptual / basic engineering / FEED has been provided by Sevan Marine and verified by DPS in the previous phase of the project.

COSCO Shipyard is contracting with DPS to carry out the detailed design for the process topsides modules. This includes the scope of work for Package Management Support, which will directly assist COSCO Shipyard for the procurement of systems, packages and equipment.

The Kemostal Vapor Recovery units will be two 100% complex skid mounted machinery and built to the rigorous rules & standards of DNV ( Det Norske Veritas ) with a service life time for 20 years. Kemostal is responsible for the complete mechanical design, manufacture, testing and certification of the HC Blanketing & Vapour Recovery Package in accordance with the project requirements to full compliance with all Codes, Standards and Regulations. This will be done from main office and workshops in Gothenburg, Sweden for delivery in April 2014.

Render of Kemostal Vapour recovery unit for COSCO Shipyard

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Nov 19 - Kemostål wins new contract with REPSOL POLIMEROS S.A.,

Kemostål Process Technology AB set to deliver off-gas blower package to REPSOL POLIMEROS S.A., SINES, PORTUGAL

Today we’re happy to announce a new contract from REPSOL POLIMEROS S.A. for engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of a new off-gas vinylacetylene blower package for the production plant in Sines, Portugal.

Sines is well-known for its chemical industry all over Europe and is REPSOLS POLIMEROS location for production of polypropylene as well as linear density polyethylene. The current plant has been in operation since 70’s and is currently under a heavy upgrade and modernization where Kemostal have been able to secure the contract for an off-gas blower unit.

In the contract Kemostål is committed to carry out basic and detail design, manufacturing, testing and certification for the complete package. The blower unit consists of one blower in 1-stage configuration (1x100%) boosting the gas flow of 350 Nm3/h to 1.82 bar (a). In order to meet the factory’s sound requirements of 85 dB(A) the whole unit has been built, and will operate, inside an acoustic enclosure with an air cooling system - all within Kemostål’s scope of supply.

The design work has already been started by our engineering department in Gothenburg, while the remaining work and other commitments are planned to take place during next year for delivery late 2013.

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Apr 02 - Kemopac oxygen unit delivered to Germany

One complete single stage PD Plus 7010 Kemopac blower package was delivered from our works in end of April for final destination at a glass manufacturing plant in the eastern parts of Germany.

Our client designs and manufactures complete VPSA plants which are taken over and operated by their clients after start up.

The system consists of a PD Plus 7010 rotary lobe blower, which will operate with 650 mbar delta pressure using a 55 kW electric motor with belt drive The unit is equipped with an aftercooler allowing 0-100% flow control through by-pass recirculation.

The unit is equipped with Kemostal’s AFC lube oil cleaning system warranting considerably increased time between change of lubricant and longer life time of the rotating lubricated parts.